Leather Anal Sex Toys

Leather anal sex toys are far and few between since they are used mainly for clothing and accessories when it comes to kinky sex. Besides being used for harnesses for strap on dildos and other clothing, leather is used on anal sex toys to accessorize them and make them even kinkier. Leather was a popular material for sex toys centuries ago, but other modern day materials such as plastic and silicone made much more sense to use since leather is far too rough for anal penetration nowadays.

Leather is the perfect sexual accessory because of its roughness and durability. Leather can hold up any type of anal sex toy and is sleek so it provides the right texture to make your sexual experience just that much better. Leather is also good for other anal accessories that can be hit outside of the anus for the pain lover.

Leather gloves are the perfect example of how leather can make anal sexual pleasure better. With the leather gloves on, you can spank yourself and/or your partner(s) while using any one of your anal sex toys. The roughness of leather may just be what you need in order to have a great orgasm while getting penetrated with a strap on dildo.

Leather does make the best harnesses for your anal sex toys. No matter what material you feel that you need to strap in to get a great orgasm, leather can support it. These harnesses can be pricey, but they are worth it if you want a secure and durable harness.

These strap on dildos give you full control of the pace that you and/or your partner(s) get penetrated. And the leather harnesses will have a great feel on the anus and the surrounding area as you penetrate your partner(s) or vice versa depending on what you like. There are several types of dildos that are compatible with leather.

Cyberskin: This will give you and/or your partner(s) a realistic feel along with your leather sex accessory.

  • Silicone: Silicone clicks with leather since they are both very popular in their respected areas and can give you a smooth and orgasmic penetration.

  • Stainless steel: This combination is the best with true BSDM lovers since the rough steel and rough leather give your partner the ability to penetrate you hard, deep and fast in your anus.

  • Glass: Glass is not the material you should choose when it comes to rough sex since some people can get too rough and break the glass in their partners’ anuses. This makes for unnecessary pain and possibly surgery.

  • Pyrex: Pyrex is not usually found as a part of a strap on dildo, but the rigidity of Pyrex works well with those who like it rough.

Always lube your dildo before you start penetrating but after you strap it in since lubing too much of the dildo can make it slippery.

Condoms should always be used, especially when sharing your strap on dildo and leather harness with your partner(s) to prevent the spread of germs and bacteria.

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