Homemade Anal Sex Toys

Homemade anal sex toys are sex toys that appear to be homemade or in many cases, are actually homemade. There are many people who play the role of MacGyver when it comes to seeking sex toys that fulfill their sexual needs and desires. However, this page will enhance your knowledge on what homemade sex toys are easier to make and more pleasurable than others.


Food is the most accessible and most discreet of all homemade sex toys. The specific foods used for anal sex toys are vegetables, since they are cheap and fresh. One such vegetable used for homemade sex toys is the cucumber, which should be peeled first for the wet and smooth texture that you desire.

If the cucumber’s girth is too thick for your anus, then you can use a vegetable peeler to slim it down to your desired girth. These can be transformed into a number of things since the peeler can take off as much as you want it to. In effect, any cucumber can become your personal anal dildo, butt plug or anal probe.

The cucumber is not the only food product that can be turned into your personal anal sex toy. Others include zucchinis, carrots with the slimness of an anal probe and bananas that have the curve of a great prostate massager.

The greatest perk of these natural anal sex toys is that they can be disposed of quickly. In fact, it’s recommended since you probably don’t want to eat the remains of whatever went into your anus. Plus, these homemade sex toys eventually go bad and eventually they need to be thrown out.

Household Items

The fact that some homemade sex toys are already in your possession is truly an advantage since they won’t cost you a dime. However, items that are necessary to you in daily life should be duplicated with a purchase since using them after anal play is not the ideal way to go. The perfect example of the household item homemade sex toy is the toothbrush.

This is a pleasure for anal play lovers because of the soft bristles that are already on the brush. They can easily be a great one for prostate massage or prostate milking because of its great role as a prostate toy. See what good use that you can put your old toothbrush to!

Logically, there are two different types of toothbrushes that can be used for this: a regular toothbrush or an advanced and more expensive electric toothbrush. The latter can be used as a vibrator or as a great toy for prostate massaging or prostate milking because of its ability to automatically stimulate the prostate gland. Another perk of the electric toothbrush as an anal sex toy is that it can run on its own while you do another sexually arousing activity to yourself.

Other household items that can be used as anal sex toys are your showerhead that can act as a douche and pens (with the cap on) that can be used as nice slim anal probes. Always remember to use lube on these items since they are rougher than the food.

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