Glass Anal Sex Toys

Glass anal sex toys are unique since they have a cool smoothness that other anal sex toys don’t possess. Glass sex toys are also the most beautiful of all sex toys to look at since they have artistic value. When looking at glass sex toys, you know that something truly beautiful will be going into your anus.

The main glass sex toys out there are anal beads, anal dildos, anal probes and butt plugs. Glass is best for anal beads because of the natural smoothness they have. Unlike plastic anal beads, ones made of glass tend not to have sharp edges right after you buy your beads.

This is the same for your anal dildos, anal probes and butt plugs. However, they aren’t going to be flexible since it’s rigid, unlike silicone or Cyberskin. Their rigidity is what makes them sexy since they are great for folks that like rougher sex.

Glass sex toys are also great to collect since there are designers that primarily focus on glass sex toys for those who want to gather as many as possible to form a collection that you can be interactive with. With the various colors, shapes and sizes that these anal sex toys can be, you’re sure to have a good time just picking out your glass sex toys.

When selecting an anal sex toy, you have to consider what you and/or your partner(s) want in a toy. You should see if a tougher toy like glass is appropriate for you and you must determine a size and shape. For first timers, glass anal probes are recommended since they are thinner than other anal sex toys.

The only flaw of glass sex toys is that they are destroyed when they get broken or cracked. The cracks could be fixed, but it’s not a good idea to go on using a cracked anal sex toy. Unlike Pyrex, glass sex toys shatter when they break and could create thousands of little pieces.

Cracks in your anal sex toys made of glass highly increase the chance of your toy breaking and having it break would cause internal problems if broken in your anus. After seeing a crack or having your glass anal sex toy break, it should be thrown away immediately. This flaw applies to all glass toys, but can be especially dangerous and discreet in anal beads since losing a single bead causes just as many problems internally as losing several.

Using lube on your glass sex toys is recommended because of the rigidity that glass has. Not using lube with any glass toy will cause a painful penetration even for the smallest of toys such as anal beads. No type of lube wears out glass, so you’re safe no matter what your lube is based with.

Cleaning your glass sex toys is very important, so follow the proper cleaning instructions to help your glass toys last as long as possible.

Condom use is recommended even if you’re not sharing your glass anal sex toys. The reason behind this is that glass sex toys could possibly break during use, so having a condom on it can give you somewhat of a chance to be protected from getting cut and definitely protects you from any shards of glass falling in. Always take out a sex toy immediately after you notice something’s wrong with it.

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