Cleaning Your Anal Toy

Cleaning your anal toy is an essential part of keeping your toy both long lasting and disease free. The method of cleaning your toy depends on the material that it’s made from. Because of the varying materials that are used nowadays, it’s important to read this to truly find out if you’re cleaning your toy correctly.

Always remember to remove any batteries and battery components from any toy you have used before starting the cleaning process.


  • Washing the toy with warm, soapy water always works
  • Boiling it in water for 10 minutes is a good way to keep your toy clean
  • Since silicone is dishwasher friendly, putting it on the top rack is a-okay too
  • Using a sex toy cleaner is also effective, but make sure to use a proper cleaner.
  • Air drying is best for this material
  • Avoid abrasive cleaners at all costs


  • Wash well with soap and water
  • Avoid high temperatures at all times since that can make your toy crack

Pyrex™ (borosilicate glass)

  • Boiling the toy in water sterilizes it well
  • Like silicone, Pyrex is also dishwasher friendly
  • Antibacterial cleaner can be used with water
  • Drying thoroughly after cleaning is best for this material
  • Avoid abrasive cleaners at all costs

Stainless Steel

  • Boiling the toy in water does it good
  • Soaking in bleach and water can do the trick without staining the steel
  • Stainless steel is also dishwasher friendly


  • Cannot be sterilized 100%
  • Using a soapy cloth and warm water is best for jelly-rubber cleaning
  • Antibacterial sex toy cleaners also work on this
  • Avoid abrasive cleaners and rubbing alcohol at all costs


  • Lightly wash with mild soap and warm water
  • Using a Cyberskin cleaning agent works, but do not use a cleaning agent for another material!
  • Drying thoroughly and air drying both work
  • Put a little corn starch onto the toy while drying


  • Wipe down with mild soapy cloth and warm water
  • Do not boil plastic toys or put them underwater
  • Abrasive cleaners should be avoided at all times
  • Drying thoroughly is best for these types of toys


  • Wipe down using a damp soapy cloth
  • Using a leather cleaner is also a fine choice
  • To disinfect, use a 70% isopropyl rubbing alcohol solution
  • Can use a leather conditioner to maintain your toy’s shape
  • Protecting metal parts from this process is as easy as a thin coat of clear nail polish
  • Avoid soaking at all costs
  • Always air dry


  • See the leather cleaning bullets, but omitting the leather cleaner and leather conditioner since that can ruin your toy
  • Do not dry thoroughly

*Soft Vinyl and Acrylic

  • Use warm water and a soapy cloth
  • The method of drying your toy is your choice

The materials with the * in front of them are recommended to be used with a condom since they can’t be sterilized to prevent the transference of STDs.

Remember to follow these anal toy cleaning instructions to give your toy a longer life and to give you more pleasure.

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