Body Parts that Anal Sex Toys Stimulate

Anal sex toys were made to stimulate certain body parts on an individual in order to induce an orgasm and give them even more sexual pleasure. These parts are located on the backside of any person you meet. Pleasuring those parts has been a concern for many for several thousand years.

Those parts are:

  • Anus
  • Rectum
  • Prostate gland (men only)

Several anal sex toys are used to stimulate these parts and make people delighted wherever these toys are used. These toys are:

  • Anal dildos
  • Anal beads
  • Anal probes
  • Anal speculums
  • Prostate massagers
  • Strap on dildos
  • Butt plugs
  • Penis extensions
  • Penis sleeves
  • Douches
  • Vibrating butt plugs
  • Vibrators

Each one of these toys is different in how they stimulate you and where they can stimulate you upon penetration. Knowing how you and/or your partner(s) like to stimulated in the anus, the rectum and the prostate is key to knowing which toy just to select. Pleasuring each of these key areas are different in the same ways that the toys you use are.


The anus is the outer most region of your digestive system. However, it can be stimulated quite easily with any number of anal sex toys. These cause anal stretching where the nerves inside of the anus get extended and gives the person stimulation. You can either let the toy do the stretching for you or use an anal speculum to keep your anus stretched open.

The nerves in the anus can also get stimulated through the process of penetration and repeated movement at certain speeds that pleasure different people. The material and texture of the anal sex toy that you’re using gives you anal stimulation in different ways depending on whether it is a soft or rigid material and if the texture is ribbed or totally smooth.

The specific example of an anal sex toy to stimulate the anus is through anal beads that can either have one big rushed orgasm or several smaller orgasms.


The rectum is what lies inside of the anus. This also leads to the rest of the digestive system where anal sex toys cannot go. However, the nerves inside of the rectum can also be satisfied through anal sex toys.

Similarly to the anus, the nerves of the rectum can also be pleasured easily with an anal sex toy’s movements, material and texture. However, the rectum differs in that people get pleasured by using the sphincter muscles in the rectum to hold in certain anal sex toys such as the butt plug for a long while. While holding the toy in your rectum, there will be a gradual feeling of sexual release since the plug will be stimulating your rectal nerves.

Prostate Gland

The prostate gland is unique only to men since it’s the part of a man that holds some of his sperm. It’s located at the front of his rectum and is a small ball that can be stimulated by rubbing and/or massaging it in a process called prostate massaging or prostate milking.

There’s a specific line of anal sex toys purely to stimulate the man’s prostate. These handy dildos have rounded parts used just to stimulate the prostate. They can be manpowered or automatically powered with batteries and will make your man go wild.

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