Anal Speculum

The speculum is originally used as a medical tool for anal surgery, but it has turned into a nifty anal sex toy and is made of stainless steel. What the anal speculum does is that it opens up the anal cavity for arousal. In addition to that, these anal sex toys give you an opportunity to shove thicker toys into the anus that is opened up.

With the anal speculum, all you have to do to use it is like using a pair of scissors, so you must open it up to however wide you want your or your partner’s anus and/or rectum opened. With how wide you want the hole to be, there are also speculums that vary in size with some being small enough just to get a little kick and orgasm. There are also others that open to as large as much as three inches!

In addition to size varying, there are also a different number of prongs that can be put on an anal speculum; the more prongs that are on it, the wider that the anus and/or rectum can be stretched with this toy. There are models with two prongs as well as three for extra widening power.

Anal speculums are made out of mostly stainless steel since that is how ones in the medical field are made. These stainless steel speculums are very resistant and last a long time. However, they can be costly if you want to go big with them since size and technology is everything when it comes to pricing these bad boys.

The sizes usually come in small for the sensitive anus, medium for those who are more flexible and large for those who really loved to be spread open.

These anal sex toys go perfectly with douches since they can squirt more liquid into your anus without trouble. Lube isn’t necessary since the anal cavity is already exposed and wide enough to fit most douches in.

The best part about this sex toy is that with a flashlight, you can actually get a nice view of the inner anus and where exactly to stimulate. This can be used as a handy guide for those who have trouble finding the prostate gland to truly make your man orgasm. Seeing the glands first hand can also be kinky since you can actually see the muscles move from pleasure as your partner feels the sensation.

Lube is not necessary with using these sexy toys since they only open your anus and/or rectum and not physically go in it. However, all lube and condom rules for other toys should still be applied just in case the opening made by the anal speculum isn’t enough of one for a perfect slide for your other sex toy(s) you might consider using.

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